基本素養 Basic Literacy

Knowledge of Law
Knowledge of Citizenship
Knowledge of Humanities
Knowledge of Languages
Knowledge of Interdisciplinary Studies

核心能力 Competence

Basic Knowledge of Law and the Ability of Reasoning
To Shorten the Gap between Theories and Practices
Ability to Take into Account Legal Ethics
Ability to Conduct Interdisciplinary Studies

課程概述 Course Description

In view of the vision of the future university, and the overturning of the existing academic system and rigorous study credits, this course hopes to break the inherent teaching and learning patterns, and creates diverse and flexible learning opportunities for learners. This series of lectures "CONVERSATION ENCOUNTERS WITH GREAT LAW SCHOLARS (2)" is designed to invite domestic well-known Legal scholars giving lectures and discussing with students. Through cross-displinary cooperation and integrated teaching and research, three intensive special lectures or forums will be held in oder to strengthen the in-depth discussion and exchange of opinions on the topic of the speech, so that students can personally feel the style of domestic and foreign welll-known law scholars, and have direct dialogues and exchanges with them. Furthermore, in a half-day seminar or workshop wich is guided by the faculty’s teachers students have to give their reflection and feedback of the lectures or forums ,and conduct further review and explore the practical feasibility and problem-solving possibilities of the content taught by the well-known scholars. In this way, in addition to the existing mandatory elective courses, the original curriculum learning mode is flexibly developed with innovative thematic teaching methods to create multiple channels that conform to the trend of the times and quickly respond to the learning needs of students.

課程學習目標 Course Objectives

  • 藉由邀請知名法學者蒞校講學,讓學生有機會親炙大師風采,直接面對面與其對談與交流
  • 藉由會後舉辦深度工作坊,由本校老師引領下,進一步針對演講主題作深入探討與分析
  • 輔以案例討論,俾以深化基礎理論之介紹及應用
  • 課程進度 Progress Description

    進度說明 Progress Description
     以上每週進度教師可依上課情況做適度調整。The schedule may be subject to change.

    Survey of the conntent relevant to SDGs

    This course is relevant to these items of SDGs as following:
    • 健康與福祉 (Good health and Well Being)
    • 教育品質 (Quality Education)
    • 就業與經濟成長 (Decent work and Economic growth)
    • 和平與正義制度 (Peace justice and strong institutions)

    有關課程其他調查 Other Surveys of Courses

    1.本課程是否規劃業界教師參與教學或演講? 是,約 3 次
    Is there any industry specialist invited in this course? How many times? Yes, about 3 times.
    2.本課程是否規劃含校外實習(並非參訪)? 否
    Are there any internships involved in the course? How many hours? No
    3.本課程是否可歸認為學術倫理課程? 否
    Is this course recognized as an academic ethics course? In the course how many hours are regarding academic ethics topics? No
    4.本課程是否屬進入社區實踐課程? 否
    Is this course recognized as a Community engagement and Service learning course? Which community will be engaged? No