基本素養 Basic Literacy

Humanistic quality
Civic literacy
Social participation
Global outlook

核心能力 Competence

Basic ability in clinical care
在照顧病人的基本能力下培育基礎與臨床醫學研究的專業素養 轉譯醫學領域專業能力之養成
具有溝通、協調、整合及進行跨領域團隊合作之能力 培養國際觀與外語之能力
Excellent communication skills
Technique for Problem-solving
Habit of lifelong learning

課程概述 Course Description


課程學習目標 Course Objectives

  • 訓練英文科學文章閱讀
  • 學習專題討論報告技巧
  • 提升科學研究之創新思維
  • 課程進度 Progress Description

    進度說明 Progress Description
    1Introduction; Adipocyte extracellular vesicles carry enzymes and fatty acids that stimulate mitochondrial metabolism and remodeling in tumor cells. Embo J 39, e102525 (2020).; Mitochondrial complex III is necessary for endothelial cell proliferation during angiogenesis. Nat Metab 1, 158-171 (2019).
    2lncRNA epigenetic landscape analysis identifies EPIC1 as an oncogenic lncRNA that interacts with MYC and promotes cell-cycle progression in cancer. Cancer Cell 33, 706-720 (2018).; Gastric microbial community profiling reveals a dysbiotic cancer-associated microbiota. Gut 67, 226-236 (2018).
    3Genome-wide analysis reveals extensive genetic overlap between schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and intelligence. Mol Psychiatry 25, 844-853 (2020).; METTL3 is essential for postnatal development of brown adipose tissue and energy expenditure in mice. Nat Commun 11, 1648 (2020).
    4Tinagl1 suppresses triple-negative breast cancer progression and metastasis by simultaneously inhibiting integrin/FAK and EGFR signaling. Cancer Cell 35, 64-80 (2019).; Dermal sheath contraction powers stem cell niche relocation during hair cycle regression. Science 367, 161-166 (2020).
    5Mid-autumn festival holiday
    6National Day observed
    7Endothelial Sox17 promotes allergic airway inflammation. J Allergy Clin Immunol 144, 561-573 (2019).; Defective synaptic connectivity and axonal neuropathology in a human iPSC-based model of familial Parkinson's disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 114, e3679-e3688 (2017).
    8Oncogenic KRAS-driven metabolic reprogramming in pancreatic cancer cells utilizes cytokines from the tumor microenvironment. Cancer Discov 10, 608-625 (2020).; Activation of JUN in fibroblasts promotes pro-fibrotic programme and modulates protective immunity. Nat Commun 11, 2795 (2020).
    9IL (Interleukin)-10-STAT3-galectin-3 axis is essential for osteopontin-producing reparative macrophage polarization after myocardial infarction. Circulation 138, 2021-2035 (2018).; Human-induced pluripotent stem cell model of trastuzumab-induced cardiac dysfunction in patients with breast cancer. Circulation 139, 2451-2465 (2019).
    10Diurnal rhythms in gene expression in the prefrontal cortex in schizophrenia. Nat Commun 10, 1-11 (2019).; Dysregulation of mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake and sarcolemma repair underlie muscle weakness and wasting in patients and mice lacking MICU1. Cell Rep 29, 1274-1286 (2019).
    11Cardiac TRPV1 afferent signaling promotes arrhythmogenic ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction. JCI Insight 5, e124477 (2020).; Innate lymphoid cells support regulatory T cells in the intestine through interleukin-2. Nature 568, 405-409 (2019).
    12ALK phosphorylates SMAD4 on tyrosine to disable TGF-β tumour suppressor functions. Nat Cell Biol 21, 179-189 (2019).; Human pluripotency is initiated and preserved by a unique subset of founder cells. Cell 177, 910-924 (2019).
    13CKAP4, a DKK1 receptor, is a biomarker in exosomes derived from pancreatic cancer and a molecular target for therapy. Clin Cancer Res 25, 1936-1947 (2019).; Priming mobilization of hair follicle stem cells triggers permanent loss of regeneration after alkylating chemotherapy. Nat Commun 10, 3694 (2019).
    14Interleukin-36 cytokines alter the intestinal microbiome and can protect against obesity and metabolic dysfunction. Nat Commun 10, 4003 (2019).; Nanoscale metal-organic framework mediates radical therapy to enhance cancer immunotherapy. Chem 5, 1892-1913 (2019).
    15TDP-43 dysfunction restricts dendritic complexity by inhibiting CREB activation and altering gene expression. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 117, 11760-11769 (2020).; REEP5 depletion causes sarco-endoplasmic reticulum vacuolization and cardiac functional defects. Nat Commun 11, 965 (2020).
    16Reversing a model of Parkinson's disease with in situ converted nigral neurons. Nature 582, 550-556 (2020).; The Mir181ab1 cluster promotes KRAS-driven oncogenesis and progression in lung and pancreas. J Clin Invest 130, 1879-1895 (2020).
    17New Year Day
    18Enhancing the regenerative effectiveness of growth factors by local inhibition of interleukin-1 receptor signaling. Sci Adv 6, e7602 (2020).;
     以上每週進度教師可依上課情況做適度調整。The schedule may be subject to change.

    有關課程其他調查 Other Surveys of Courses

    1.本課程是否規劃業界教師參與教學或演講? 否
    Is there any industry specialist invited in this course? How many times? No
    2.本課程是否規劃含校外實習(並非參訪)? 否
    Are there any internships involved in the course? How many hours? No
    3.本課程是否可歸認為學術倫理課程? 否
    Is this course recognized as an academic ethics course? In the course how many hours are regarding academic ethics topics? No
    Is this course recognized as a Community engagement and Service learning course? Which community will be engaged?

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