基本素養 Basic Literacy

To cultivate their spirit of humanity and increase their knowledge of western literatures and cultures.
To think independently, analyze critically, reflect and sympathy
To demonstrate their professionalism, broaden their international perspectives and interdisciplinary studies

核心能力 Competence

Ability to provide social concern with a spirit of humanity
Ability to collect and analyze literature data with various theoretical foundations
Ability to work on academic papers and critical writing
Ability to read and analyze works or academic papers on foreign literatures, languages and cultures
Ability to conduct interdisciplinary studies from international perspectives
Abilities to think independently, to perform a teamwork, to conduct creative research and analysis, and to solve problems.

課程概述 Course Description

課程前半部將梳理當代人權論述的基礎文獻,使學生對西方人權的相關思想、立法、社會運動與批判論述建立一套概略性的理解。關注重點在於啟蒙思想家對人與自由的闡述(或想像),西方自由主義傳統的發展,以及廿世紀全球政治秩序轉換與人權論述的關係。 課程後半部將透過當代英語文學作品,思考文學如何反映、批判與複雜化人權遭受剝奪的狀況,使學生深入討論國家及其他組織在其中扮演的角色,從而務實地分析人權的意義危機。可能的探討脈絡包括種族滅絕,被迫遷徒,戰爭罪行,酷刑,針對種族與性別弱勢者的迫害,貧窮,奴役,無國籍狀態,以及環境暴力等。
This course first examines key philosophical and legal texts that form the foundation of contemporary human rights, in order to enable students to approach modern human rights work from a historical and legal perspective. We will pay particular attention to the Enlightenment project of human emancipation, developments of the Western liberal tradition, the aftermaths of the two world wars, and the roles of the United Nations during the Cold War and beyond. The second half of the course explores literary texts that illuminate various crises of human rights, which animate deeper insights into the sometimes abstracted concepts of genocide, forced migration, war crimes, torture, persecution of racialized and sexualized minorities, poverty, slavery, statelessness, and environmental injustices. The focus will be placed on how states and other actors of power rationalize their actions, material consequences of apologies, contestations of rights under varied frames of local realities, and so forth.

課程學習目標 Course Objectives

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  • 課程進度 Progress Description

    進度說明 Progress Description
    1Week I Sep 10: Course Orientation; Lynn Hunt, Inventing Human Rights, Intro.
    2Week II Sep 17: Lynn Hunt, Inventing Human Rights, Ch 1-2.
    3Week III Sep 24: Joseph Slaughter, Human Rights, Inc. Preamble-Ch 1.
    4Week IV Oct 1: Judith Butler, Frames of War (excerpts)
    5Week V Oct 8: Samuel Moyn, The Last Utopia (excerpts); James Dawes, "The Novel of Human Rights," American Literature 88.1 (2016): 127-57.
    6Week VI Oct 15: Midterm Exam; Required Reading for the Midterm Exam: Irina Popescu, "Empathetic trappings: Revisiting the nineteenth century in Octavia Butler's Kindred," Journal of Human Rights 17.2 (2018): 184-198.
    7Week VII Oct 22: Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone. Ch 1-9.
    8Week VIII Oct 29: Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone. Ch 10-15; Maureen Moynagh, "Human rights, child-soldier narratives, and the problem of form," Research in African Literatures 42.4 (2011): 39-59.
    9Week IX Nov 5: Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone. Ch 16-21; Mitchum Huehls, "Referring to the human in contemporary human rights literature," MFS Modern Fiction Studies 58.1 (2012): 1-21.
    10Week X Nov 12: Edwidge Danticat, Brother, I'm Dying. 1-86.
    11Week XI Nov 19: Edwidge Danticat, Brother, I'm Dying. 87-180; Veronica Austen, "Empathetic engagement in Danticat's Brother, I'm Dying," ARIEL 44.2 (2013): 29-57.
    12Week XII: Nov 26 Edwidge Danticat, Brother, I'm Dying. 181-268. Pulitano, Elvira. "An immigrant artist at work: a conversation with Edwidge Danticat." Small Axe 15.3 (2011): 39-61.
    13Week XIII: Dec 3 Jesmyn Ward, Salvage the Bones. 1-57.
    14Week XIV: Dec 10 Jesmyn Ward, Salvage the Bones. 58-130. Henry A. Giroux, "Reading Hurricane Katrina: Race, class, and the biopolitics of disposability," College Literature (2006): 171-196. Term paper abstract and bibliography due
    15Week XV: Dec 17 Jesmyn Ward, Salvage the Bones. 131-193. Jordan T. Camp, "" We Know This Place": Neoliberal Racial Regimes and the Katrina Circumstance," American Quarterly 61.3 (2009): 693-717.
    16Week XVI: Dec 24 Jesmyn Ward, Salvage the Bones. 194-259. Elliott, Jane K. The Microeconomic Mode: Political Subjectivity in Contemporary Popular Aesthetics (excerpts)
    17Week XVII: Dec 31 No Class
    18Week XVIII: Jan 7 Term paper due
     以上每週進度教師可依上課情況做適度調整。The schedule may be subject to change.

    Survey of the conntent relevant to SDGs

    This course is relevant to these items of SDGs as following:
    • 教育品質 (Quality Education)
    • 性別平等 (Gender Equality)
    • 減少不平衡 (Reduced Inequalities)

    有關課程其他調查 Other Surveys of Courses

    1.本課程是否規劃業界教師參與教學或演講? 否
    Is there any industry specialist invited in this course? How many times? No
    2.本課程是否規劃含校外實習(並非參訪)? 否
    Are there any internships involved in the course? How many hours? No
    3.本課程是否可歸認為學術倫理課程? 否
    Is this course recognized as an academic ethics course? In the course how many hours are regarding academic ethics topics? No
    Is this course recognized as a Community engagement and Service learning course? Which community will be engaged?

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