NCKU Curriculum Map
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Intelligent Computing Industrial Doctorate Program   
  • Cultivate students to have the ability of core computing technology and engineering
  • Cultivate high-level R&D talents in the field of intelligent computing
  • Cultivate students who emphasize team research and have the ability to integrate software and hardware systems
  • Principle Literacy and Competence   
    [Principle Literacy]
  • Technological and Cultural literacy
  • Environmental and Social Care
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others and work in a team with developed international perspective.
  • [Competence]
  • Professional and interdisciplinary capacity
  • Innovative thinking as well as the ability to define and solve problems independently
  • Language and communication skills to coordinate the integration of interdisciplinary personnel
  • The ability to design, verify, and integrate with industrial implementations, and work together to promote industrial transformation and upgrading
  • Developed sense of self- improvement: International Perspective, Principle Literacy
  • Course Classification
    Course Classification Course Name
    A. Core
    [ICID7090]SEMINAR(1), [ICID7091]SEMINAR(2), [ICID7092]SEMINAR(3), [ICID7093]SEMINAR(4)
    B. Advanced
    C. Cross discipline
    Enter a Higher School Work