NCKU Curriculum Map
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Program on Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing   
  • Cultivate qualified personnel with communication and management skills for sustainable industries.
  • Understand industrial development, multidisciplinary integration and global vision through research and project implementation.
  • Cooperate theory and practice to solve engineering challenges in sustainable development and intelligent manufacturing.
  • Principle Literacy and Competence   
    [Principle Literacy]
  • A.Professional ethics and social care.
  • B.Self-learning and the spirit of service.
  • C.ustainability and social responsibility.
  • D.Effective communication skills and international perspective.
  • [Competence]
  • E.The ability to utilize professional knowledge of engineering and multidisciplinary integration.
  • F.The knowledge of carbon reduction, intelligent manufacturing, and the development of advanced process.
  • G.Social responsibility of professional ethics, sustainable development, and environmental protection.
  • H.Using theoretical and practical approaches to address engineering problems.
  • I.The experience to use engineering knowledge and implementations to systemically promote industrial transformation and advance.
  • J.The ability of multidisciplinary communication and team work.
  • K.Self-learning and growing
  • Course Classification
    Enter a Higher School Work