NCKU Curriculum Map
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Program on Key Materials   
  • A.Combining the expertise of science, engineering, electrical resources, and medical school professors, focusing on two major material groups: semiconductor materials and functional materials
  • B.Cultivate talents with scientific spirit and extensive material science knowledge
  • C.Global vision
  • D.Ability of communication and excellent leadership
  • Principle Literacy and Competence   
    [Principle Literacy]
  • A.Professional Knowledge
  • B.International perspective
  • C.Humanistic care
  • [Competence]
  • D.Innovative R&D
  • E.Ability to solve professional problems
  • F.Master the development of science and society, and have the ability to learn independently and continuously
  • G.Scientific experiments, data analysis, and the ability to interpret experimental results
  • Course Classification
    Enter a Higher School Work