NCKU Curriculum Map
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Program on Semiconductor Process Technology   
  • A.Establish professional research and innovation capacity in semiconductor process technology: to educate students to have professional knowledge of microelectronics, and have the ability to analyze, design, compile, and innovate, in order to build a foundation for academic research and in the business world.
  • B.Strengthen the spirit of team cooperation: to educate students with multi-disciplinary skills, strengthen communication skills and team cooperation, in order to face different career developments and challenges.
  • C.Cultivate multi-disciplinary talents: to provide students with multi-disciplinary education to adapt to international trends and social needs, to cultivate an attitude towards lifelong learning, and to educate students to understand the roles and responsibilities of the electrical engineer in society, environment, and ethics.
  • Principle Literacy and Competence   
  • A.To possess professional knowledge in the field of semiconductor process technology.
  • B.The ability to plan and carry out a research project.
  • C.To write a professional-quality dissertation.
  • D.Innovative thinking and the ability to solve problems independently.
  • E.Multidisciplinary coordination and integration capabilities.
  • F.A solid international outlook and the ability to understand professional ethics and social responsibility.
  • G.Leadership, management and planning abilities.
  • H.The ability to learn and develop throughout life.
  • Course Classification
    Enter a Higher School Work