NCKU Curriculum Map
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Program on Integrated Circuit Design   
  • A.Cultivate research and innovation: to educate students with professional knowledge of IC design, and to enrich innovation and research ability.
  • B.Strengthen team cooperation:to equip students with the skills of communication and expression and the spirit of team cooperation for different career developments andchallenge.
  • C.Develop a diverse multi-disciplinary capacity: to provide students with adaquate adaptivity to meet international trends and social needs, to learn knowledge of multi-disciplines, and to understand the roles and responsibilities of the chip design engineer in society, environment, and ethics.
  • Principle Literacy and Competence   
    [Principle Literacy]
  • A.Equip with the understanding cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • B.Undstand professional ethics and social responsibility.
  • C.Possess the right abiding and social philosophy of enthusiasm.
  • D.Acquanint with current affairs and social issues, understand the impact of engineering technology on the environment and the world, and keep learning.
  • [Competence]
  • E.Posses professional knowledge in the field of chip design.
  • F.Posses professional knowledge in the field of chip design.
  • G.Write a professional-quality dissertation.
  • H.Think creatively and solve problems indenently.
  • I.Coordinate and integrate in multidisciplinary domains.
  • K.Learn to lead, manage and plan.
  • L.Keep life-long learning.
  • Course Classification
    Course Classification Course Name
    A. Require
    []SEMINAR(1), []SEMINAR(2), []SEMINAR(3), []SEMINAR(4)
    B. Academy core courses
    C. Program core courses
    D. Integrated Circuit Design
    Enter a Higher School Work