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Different research methods have been used in behavioral science or psychology research. It is inevitable to be confused with irrelevant variables when doing causal inferences, but only experimental methods have opportunity to do direct causal inferences. The corresponding statistical analysis method of experimental research is basically the variation analysis, especially the cognitive psychological process research that emphasizes the orientation of information processing after the 1960s must rely on a variety of different multi-factor experimental design variation analysis techniques to deal with it. This lesson introduces and helps students understand the basic methods, theories, and applications of experimental design, so that students can correctly apply them to practical research and analysis. This is a basic methodology course that must be studied by future psychologists who want to explore or understand modern experimental psychology topics.

Course Goal
A. Integration of science and quality of humanism.
B. Enhance logic and critical thinking.
C. Enhance psychology knowledge.
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
  • Logical reasoning and critical thinking ability.
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    0109/1 U771300 [CS6004]EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 3.0 Y Yang, Cheng-Ta
    0108/1 U771300 [CS6004]EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 3.0 Y Yang, Cheng-Ta
    0107/1 U771300 [CS6004]EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 3.0 Y Yang, Cheng-Ta
    0106/1 U771300 [CS6004]EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 3.0 N
    0105/1 U771300 [CS6004]EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 3.0 N Yang, Cheng-Ta
    0104/1 U771300 [CS6004]EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 3.0 N Yang, Cheng-Ta
    0103/1 U771300 [CS6004]EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 3.0 N Yang, Cheng-Ta