NCKU Curriculum Map
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Enrolled students are required to present a paper, which is assigned by a faculty member from current articles in the literature, or research results of his own work

Course Goal
A. Learn key points and methods of biochemistry and molecular biology and establish the root of basic medicine.
B. Motivate students to think, and use creative ways to learn and solve problems.
C. Train graduate students to have independent research ability.
D. Nurture experts in life sciences and biology techniques fields.
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
  • Learn knowledge in other biology medicine and biology techniques fields.
  • Reading and collection new knowledge and presentation research results.
  • Courses of Recent Years
    Course Name
    (The name will link to the syllabus.)
    Credit Taught in English
    (Yes or No)
    0109/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N
    0108/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N
    0107/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N Huang, Po-Hsien
    0106/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N
    0105/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N Wu, Chao-Liang
    0104/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N Chang, Wen-Tsan
    0103/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N Huang, Po-Hsien
    0102/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N Chuang, Woei-Jer
    0101/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N Chang, Wen-Tsan
    0100/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N Cheng, Hung-Chi
    0099/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N Chang, Ming-Shi
    0098/2 S151120 [BIMB6292]SEMINAR (2) 1.0 N Chang, Wen-Tsan