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The Biochemistry Tutorial Workshop is an elective course for first-year Master’s students. Professional competence delineate key technical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of practice. Therefore, other than knowledge acquisition and application, it also requires the development of communication and expression, emotion and values. This workshop would help students enhance their cognition of biochemistry related skills through the 'teaching' in undergrads’ experiment courses. Also, guiding the undergrads would build up affectionate and psychological skills, consequently, it would help workshop students integrate learning behavior, then improve learning efficiency, forge solid professional competence, adapt to the diverse workplace needs. The course is in cooperation with undergraduates’ Biochemistry Laboratory Class. By directing undergraduate students of Medicine, Medical Technology and Pharmacy major to practice experiments, students in this workshop can strengthen their professional competence, improving their communicative and presentation skills. When reviewing undergraduates' experimental reports, students also can understand the conceptual and rhetoric distinctions between 'teaching' and 'learning'. The ultimate goal is to inspire students to introspect and build up professional competence.

Course Goal
B. Motivate students to think, and use creative ways to learn and solve problems.
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology professional knowledge.
  • Learn knowledge in other biology medicine and biology techniques fields.
  • Reading and collection new knowledge and presentation research results.
  • Biology medicine knowledge in every field and experiment design and techniques.
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    0106/2 S180300 [BIMB6305]BIOCHEMISTRY TUTORIAL WORKSHOP 1.0 N Ho, Yueh-Ren,Wu, Chao-Liang