NCKU Curriculum Map
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This course is designed to help the MBA students learn the basic concepts of modern information management with the information and communication technologies. As the students in the program have working experiences, good class interactions benefit students peer-learning and hence the class participation is critical. Students are expected to better understand the main ICT architecture of information management technologies and applications including e-commerce, m-commerce, network technologies, database and knowledge management, etc.

Course Goal
B. Creative Problem Solving & Innovation(CPSI)
D. Global Awareness & Critical Thinking(GLOB/CT)
E. Values, Skills & Professionalism(VSP)
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • Global Awareness
  • Students should possess a global perspective.
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Students should demonstrate creativity and innovation skills.
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Students should be able to solve strategic problems.
  • Analytical Skills
  • Students should demonstrate analytical skills.
  • Values, Skills & Professionalism
  • Students should possess the necessary skills and values demanded of a true professional.
  • Information Technology
  • Students should possess information technology skills.
    Courses of Recent Years
    Course Name
    (The name will link to the syllabus.)
    Credit Taught in English
    (Yes or No)
    0109/1 RD55200 [AMBA6139]INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 3.0 N Lee, Wei-Hsun
    0108/1 RD55200 [AMBA6139]INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 3.0 N Lee, Wei-Hsun
    0107/1 RD55200 [AMBA6139]INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 3.0 N Lee, Wei-Hsun
    0106/1 RD55200 [AMBA6139]INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 3.0 N Lee, Wei-Hsun