NCKU Curriculum Map
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The purpose of policy is to allow the government to supplement or balance market competitiveness and properly announce the policies beneficial for industry operational activities when the market malfunctions under certain situations. Therefore, the managers of each industry should not only carefully pay attention to the situations in the market, but also notice the policies regulated and announced by the government. The goal of this curriculum is to upgrade students’ sensitivity toward all policies. Thus, the graduated students not only may become possible industrial managers in the future, but also might be the policy planners. The curriculum involves the related theories of policy and industry analysis as well as policy writing. This can be the basis for the related talents’ industry policy analysis and planning in industry, government and academia.

Course Goal
B. The academic hub for international and Chinese in creati
C. The added value of cultural content of creative industries and digital technology with innovative design
D. Theoretical discourse of local creative industries and international convergen
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • Civic Literacy
  • Society Care
  • Global Perspective
  • [Competence]
  • Abilities of research in developing creative industries
  • Abilities of multicultural and local culture convergence
  • Courses of Recent Years
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    Credit Taught in English
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    0102/1 PA60400 [ICID7012E]POLICY STUDIES 3.0 Y Yang, Chia-Han
    0101/1 PA60400 [ICID7012E]POLICY STUDIES 3.0 Y Yang, Chia-Han