NCKU Curriculum Map
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1.innovation and design. This course will guide students to carry out innovative medical device design through the recognition of clinical needs, verification of product design, exploration of market opportunities, regulations and patent layout. In this course, with intensive instruction from several doctors and industrial practitioners, students from different fields will jointly design innovative medical devices, further conduct a practical commercial project and complete business plans. (2)Course Objectives (1) Identify the clinical needs. (2)Design innovative medical devices. (3) Analyze market needs, regulations, and patents. (4) Develop a business plan for the purpose of commercializing medical devices. (5) Focus on learning and implementation of medical device research and development processes that focus on “from medical needs to product overview”(6)In-depth discussion of the problems encountered by medical practitioners, and then propose solutions and design innovative medical equipment. (7) Discover bed problems from the medical environment, identify bed needs, and develop the ability to solve problems. (8) Practical courses to experience the development of medical technology." 6 Needs Screening - Disease State Fundamentals 7 Existing Solutions 8 Stakeholder Analysis 9 Market Analysis & Needs Selection 10 Concept Generation 11 Ideation 12 Initial Concept Selection 13 Concept Screening 14 Intellectual Property Basics 15 Regulatory Basics 16 Reimbursement Basics & Business Models 17 Concept Exploration and Testing & Final Concept Selection 18 Final exam week: Final Project Oral Presentation The schedule may be subject to change. Other Surveys of Courses 1. Is there any industry specialist invited in this course? How many times? Yes, about 16 times. 2. Is there any in (out of) school practicum involved in this course? How many hours? No Prerequisite Course(s): No limitation to the department and background. We welcome students with medical, mechanical, materials, construction, business and other cross-domain knowledge to join.

Course Goal
1. The training of biomedical engineering technique
2. To develop the strong and independent personality
3. To Increase the ability of management and enrich the global vision
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • Understand professional medical and engineering ethics and society responsibility
  • Cultivate effective communication, presentation, and cooperation
  • Lifelong learning ability
  • Global vision and foreign languages
  • [Competence]
  • Specific fields of expertise
  • Innovative thinking and independent problem solving ability
  • Perfect international perspective
  • Planning and execution of a research project capability
  • Leadership, management and planning ability
  • Growth of life-long self-learning ability
  • Courses of Recent Years
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    Credit Taught in English
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    0110/1 P853510 [BME7005]BIODESIGN(1) - IDENTIFY UNMET NEEDS & PRACTICE INVENTION 3.0 Y ,,Chen, Jia-Jin,
    0109/1 P853510 [BME7005]BIODESIGN(1) - IDENTIFY UNMET NEEDS & PRACTICE INVENTION 3.0 Y ,,Chen, Jia-Jin,
    0108/1 P853510 [BME7005]BIODESIGN(1) - IDENTIFY UNMET NEEDS & PRACTICE INVENTION 3.0 Y ,,Chen, Jia-Jin,
    0107/1 P853510 [BME7005]BIODESIGN(1) - IDENTIFY UNMET NEEDS & PRACTICE INVENTION 3.0 Y ,,Chen, Jia-Jin,
    0106/1 P853510 [BME7005]BIODESIGN(1) - IDENTIFY UNMET NEEDS & PRACTICE INVENTION 3.0 Y ,,Chen, Jia-Jin,