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Urban design competition plays an indispensable role in the contemporary field of urban planning and design practice. It also serves as the important basis for building the future vision of urban physical development. The whole process takes advantage of the brainstorming from the participants to propose possible solutions to the specific theme on a local site. The entries, on the other hand, provide new concepts and probably urban design theories regarding the competition theme and are presented with precise ground plans and proper presentation that suggest the future urban formation. The course will be taught through the form of various mini workshops and informal discussions with a small-group base. The aim is to instruct students to participate in international urban design competitions and work on contemporary urban design issues. The teaching and practices will have specific focus on: 1. How to choose and interpret an urban design competition and formulate strategies? 2. Rapid analysis, design, and establish relevant theories of urban spaces. 3. Workshops on formulating design concepts and master plan. 4. Presentation of the design and ideas.

Course Goal
A. Cultivating advanced spatial planning and design professionals with globe vision, execution ability and leadership.
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • With professional ethics and social responsibilities.
  • With spirit of humanism and environmental aesthetics self-discipline.
  • [Competence]
  • Ability to grasp the content of spatial planning and design theories and development issues.
  • Ability to innovatively integrate theories and practical skills to achieve the best spatial planning and design practices.
  • Ability of accurate analysis and expound and effective communication.
  • Ability of teamwork and leadership.
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    0106/2 P263700 [UP6376]INTERNATIONAL URBAN DESIGN COMPETITION 2.0 N Chen, Chih-Hung