NCKU Curriculum Map
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Scholars and experts are invited to give lectures mainly on the main theoretical and practical issues of current urban projects. In conjunction with the research progress of the graduate thesis, the discussion activities are arranged for students' research proposals and thesis drafts.

Course Goal
A. Cultivating advanced spatial planning and design professionals with globe vision, execution ability and leadership.
B. Cultivating advanced spatial planning and design researchers with scientific vision and innovation ability.
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
  • Ability of independent study and academic publishing and communication.
  • Ability of accurate analysis and expound and effective communication.
  • Ability of integrating, implement, and developing inter-disciplinary knowledge from professional aspect.
  • Courses of Recent Years
    Course Name
    (The name will link to the syllabus.)
    Credit Taught in English
    (Yes or No)
    0109/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Tsou, Ko-Wan
    0108/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Chang,Hsueh-Sheng
    0107/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Huang, Wei-Ju
    0106/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Chao, Tzu-Yuen
    0105/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Hsieh, Horng-Chang
    0104/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Chen, Yen-Jong
    0103/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Chen, Yen-Jong
    0102/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Yeh, Kuang-Yih
    0101/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Lin, Han-Liang
    0100/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Yeh, Kuang-Yih
    0099/1 P250630 [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Yeh, Kuang-Yih
    0098/1 P250630 A [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Kung, Shiann-Far,Cheng, Hsien-Hsin,Hsieh, Horng-Chang
    0098/1 P250630 B [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Shyr, Feng-Yeu,Lin, Han-Liang,Yeh, Kuang-Yih
    0098/1 P250630 C [UP6093]SEMINAR(3) 1.0 N Chang,Hsueh-Sheng,Chao, Tzu-Yuen,Hsieh, Chun-Ming