NCKU Curriculum Map
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Supply and demand equilibrium analysis, price elasticity, consumption theory, production and cost analysis, market analysis, production factor combination and income distribution, measurement of income, Keynesian overall economic theory, classical overall economic theory, heavy currency theory, overall economic theory, rational expectations Theory, international trade and international finance, economic growth and economic institutions.

Course Goal
A. Communication Skills
C. Leadership & Ethics
D. Global Awareness
E. Values, Skills & Professionalism
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • Leadership
  • Undergraduate students should develop leadership skills required of a person in a leading position
  • Global Awareness
  • Undergraduate students should possess a global perspective and an awareness of the effects of globalization
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Undergraduate students should be able to solve strategic problems with creative and innovative approaches
  • Technical Skills
  • Undergraduate students should acquire the skills and values required of a true professional
    Courses of Recent Years
    Course Name
    (The name will link to the syllabus.)
    Credit Taught in English
    (Yes or No)
    0110/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N
    0109/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N Tsai, Chun-Li
    0108/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N
    0107/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N Tsai, Chun-Li
    0106/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N Kuo, Yen-Lien
    0105/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N Kuo, Yen-Lien
    0104/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N Lin, Chang-Ching
    0103/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N Lin, Chang-Ching
    0102/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N Loh, Chia-Heng
    0101/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N
    0100/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N
    0099/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N Sun, Chia-Hung
    0098/2 H211220 [STAT1006]ECONOMICS (2) 3.0 N Tian, Wei-Hua