NCKU Curriculum Map
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Thesis is the personal academic contribution to its related fields and sharing of the results with other fellow scientists. The main purpose of this class is to train students ability on researching and publishing the results of their own findings.

Course Goal
B. Cultivate students to possess the ability of boats or electro mechanics design and application.
C. Cultivate students to be experts with global view, humanistic literacy, creativity, spirit of team work and social care
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science & engineering.
  • Identify, formulate & solve engineering problems using reasoning of naval or mechatronic engineering.
  • Interested in global current issues, understand the impact of engineering techniques in societal, environmental and global contexts, and develop habit of life-long learning.
  • Courses of Recent Years
    Course Name
    (The name will link to the syllabus.)
    Credit Taught in English
    (Yes or No)
    0109/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Shen, Sheng-Chih
    0108/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Shen, Sheng-Chih
    0107/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Shen, Sheng-Chih
    0106/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Huang, Cheng-Hung
    0104/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Shen, Sheng-Chih
    0103/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Yang, Joe-Ming
    0102/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Yang, Joe-Ming
    0101/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Shaw, Heiu-Jou,Chao, Ru-Min
    0100/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Shaw, Heiu-Jou,Too, Gee-Pinn
    0099/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Too, Gee-Pinn
    0098/1 F130410 [SYS3391]THESIS (1) 2.0 N Lin, Chung-Hung,Hsieh, Min-Fu