NCKU Curriculum Map
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The basic concepts of rock mechanics and its engineering applications have been introduced in this course for undergraduate senior and graduate students. The basic concepts include classification and index properties of rocks, rock strength and failure criteria, initial stresses in rocks and their measurement, plane of weakness in rocks, and deformability of rocks. The applications include engineering for underground openings, rock slope engineering, and foundation engineering.

Course Goal
A. Develop knowledge and experience in the application of resources engineering principles for the exploitation of earth's resources
B. Develop knowledge and experience ensure prudent and provident use of resources in a sustainable global society.
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
  • Ability of computer application
  • NO
  • Ability of using the basic science (mathematics, science, engineering) knowledge
  • NO
  • Ability of engineering Practice
  • NO
  • Ability of planning and execution for theses
  • NO
  • To realize the importance of engineering ethics
  • NO
  • Ability of the integration of resources system
  • NO
  • Ability of resources and environment management
  • NO
  • ok
  • no
    Courses of Recent Years
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    Credit Taught in English
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    0108/2 E441301 [RE5111]ROCK MECHANICS 3.0 N Wang, Chein-Lee
    0107/2 E441301 [RE5111]ROCK MECHANICS 3.0 N Wang, Chein-Lee