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This course introduces the fundamental principles of environmental science and geology, to more specific information concerning relationships between natural processes and hazards, to understanding natural resources and their management, with the objective of minimizing environmental degradation. The topics cover: Part 1 introduces the fundamental concepts of environmental geology. Part 2 addresses natural hazards, including natural hazards, earthquakes, debris flow, flooding, landslides, and land subsidence. Part 3 presents the major resources associated with the geologic environment and the subject of pollution. Important topics include water resources, water pollution, mineral resources, energy resources, and soils. Part 4 is concerned with the important topics of global change, environmental management, and geologically sensitive area.

Course Goal
A. Develop knowledge and experience in the application of resources engineering principles for the exploitation of earth's resources
B. Develop knowledge and experience ensure prudent and provident use of resources in a sustainable global society.
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
  • Ability of using the basic science (mathematics, science, engineering) knowledge
  • NO
  • Ability of engineering Practice
  • NO
  • Ability of resources and environment management
  • NO
    Courses of Recent Years
    Course Name
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    Credit Taught in English
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    0109/1 E422000 [RE2104]ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY 3.0 N Yeh, Hsin-Fu
    0108/1 E422000 [RE2104]ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY 3.0 N Yeh, Hsin-Fu
    0107/1 E422000 [RE2104]ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY 3.0 N Yeh, Hsin-Fu
    0106/1 E422000 [RE2104]ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY 3.0 N Yeh, Hsin-Fu