NCKU Curriculum Map
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1. Teamwork 2.Intellectual engineering: how creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship related 3. Creativity: Scientific and Artistic 4. How the innovation works in organization 5. Entrepreneurship: Does person or situation matters? 6. Laboratory Exercise 7. Introduction and orientation 8. Knowing vs. Recognizing 9. Scientific Basis of Two Types of Reasoning 10.Three Litmus Tests for A Successful Creativity Theory 11. How to think out of the box? How to think from others’ point of view? 12. The uses and abuses of statistical methodology 13. Creativity in Music and in Business 14. Galileo’s discovery of Jupiter’s Moons in 1610 15. Conclusive discussion 16. Final exam

Course Goal
A. Develop humanistic literacy
B. Acquire interdisciplinary knowledge
C. Respond to social change and obtain new knowledge
D. Become active and engaged citizens
E. Contribute to the welfare of humankind
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Art and visual literacy
  • Global Vision
  • Concerns of Life
  • [Competence]
  • To think critically
  • To cross disciplinary boundaries
  • To adapt to social change
  • To practice
  • To innovate and lead
  • Courses of Recent Years