NCKU Curriculum Map
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The course starts with students' self-exploration. Studentswill explore their values, internals, and traits,understanding their strengths and abilities to be improved. Furthermore, the course combines with career exploration and experience, and students will establish a community to finish career experience plan, consulting and communicating with practitioners to enhance soft power. Finally, the course encourages students to combine their university learning planning with career orientation; through personal process reflection, advantage review, career experience sharing, professional feedback, etc., students can make an integrated inventory of their future career and college course selection. After the course ends, a student-centered learning community will be established, and the learning status will be tracked to cultivate students' core abilities and multicultural perspective.

Course Goal
B. Acquire interdisciplinary knowledge
C. Respond to social change and obtain new knowledge
D. Become active and engaged citizens
E. Contribute to the welfare of humankind
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Global Vision
  • Concerns of Life
  • [Competence]
  • To think critically
  • To cross disciplinary boundaries
  • To adapt to social change
  • To practice
  • To innovate and lead
  • Courses of Recent Years
    Course Name
    (The name will link to the syllabus.)
    Credit Taught in English
    (Yes or No)
    0110/1 A92S400 [GE2056]CAREER EXPLORATION 2.0 N Cheng, Shu-Hui
    0110/2 A92S400 [GE2056]CAREER EXPLORATION 2.0 N Cheng, Shu-Hui