NCKU Curriculum Map
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The original novels or translated works we are going to read have been chosen based on the development of historical context and regional background of modern novel. The authors were from mainland China and Taiwan, including those who were active after the Japanese colonial period and contemporary times. In order to enhance the reading, narrative, awareness and reasoning skills of the students, didactic teaching will be adopted and supplemented with video clips. The writing skills and related theories of modern novels will be introduced to improve students’ analyzing skills. Besides that, the represented social affairs in the novels will be discussed too. This is to familiarize students with life and social issues, for example historical memories, self-identification, and genderawareness. Assignment could be in the form of novel, postproduction visual text (picture book) or audio text (radio drama transcription, MV or others). Students could learn about the function of social communication of narrative literature by completing the assignment.

Course Goal
A. Develop humanistic literacy
B. Acquire interdisciplinary knowledge
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Artistic Culture
  • [Competence]
  • Language Proficiency and Communication Abilities
  • Literary reading and appreciation
  • Social practice and practical ability
  • Courses of Recent Years
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    0110/1 A715800 1 [CL1034]COLLEGE CHINESE_MODERN CHINESE NOVELS 2.0 N Tsai, Mei-Tzn
    0110/1 A715800 2 [CL1034]COLLEGE CHINESE_MODERN CHINESE NOVELS 2.0 N Tsai, Mei-Tzn