NCKU Curriculum Map
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Thai 1. The main course matter of basic of Thai language including 44 consonants, 32 vowels and 5 tones that make students can understandably separate three classes of consonants which are high sound, mid sound, and low sound of all consonants, and students understand how to create word by mixing consonant and vowel. In addition, this course makes students know Thai culture and practice the basic of Thai reading and writing skill which related to the government new policy called “New Southward Policy”. So this course will enhance the ability of third language and the job opportunity for students. And yet to open students’ eyes to learn new thing. The level of this course corresponds to the A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFR).

Course Goal
B. Acquire interdisciplinary knowledge
E. Contribute to the welfare of humankind
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • Global Vision
  • [Competence]
  • Language Proficiency and Communication Abilities
  • Courses of Recent Years
    Course Name
    (The name will link to the syllabus.)
    Credit Taught in English
    (Yes or No)
    0110/1 A118610 1 [FLC1090]THAI(1) 2.0 N
    0109/1 A118610 1 [FLC1090]THAI(1) 2.0 N
    0108/1 A118610 1 [FLC1090]THAI(1) 2.0 N
    0107/1 A118610 1 [FLC1090]THAI(1) 2.0 N