NCKU Curriculum Map
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College Goal

S. Nurturing medical professionals for the society and developing new research knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

College Principle Literacy and Competence  
[Principle Literacy]
F. Spirit of humanism
Students should be compassionated, respectful, and willing to serve and be a team player.
G. Citizenship
Students should have awareness towards humanity, be determined, self-motivated and able to integrate learned knowledge to solve problems, and become a world citizen.
H. Social compassion
Students are encouraged to have awareness towards society and to actively participate in social activities.
I. Global vision
Broaden students’ global perspective and reward with new ideas.
A. Capacity for patient care
Student should have basic patient care skills.
B. Professionalism
Our students should display professionalism, understanding the biomedical ethics principles, possessing sensitivity towards patients’ feelings, and be able to do interdisciplinary training ability.
C. Good communication skills
Students should have ability to communicate with people and be able to convey professional language jargon into plain language.
D. Problem solving skills
Developing decision making skills, evidence-based medicine and statistical skills.
E. Lifelong learning attitude
Students should be self-motivated, able to pursue education continuously, have innovative talent and have leadership charismas.